Photoggery is the creation of Kathi Kolb, an award-winning
photographer whose work can be seen at

On a winter weekend in 2006, she was casting about for something to
occupy her time.   Rather than shovel snow or do the laundry, she wisely
decided to spend her time creatively.   Because she is something of an art
geek, she chose to  spend the weekend acquainting herself more
intimately with Adobe Photoshop CS2.  The results of her rather
obsessive-compulsive survey of Photoshop's toolbox, taskbar & filters was a
complex collage called "
Clematis Quilt," which borrowed greatly from
Kathi's love of fabric quilts & her considerable experience with sewing &
textiles.  That led to a search for inkjet-printable cloth & eventually the
purchase of a large-format archival printer that could print on wide,
specially-prepared natural cottons, silks & linens.  It was a short leap to
printing collages that could be worn as scarves, and inevitable that she
would begin to sew her fabrics into more complex garments.   Several of
her photo collages have been accepted into juried art shows & can be
viewed at this link:   

The name Photoggery is a combination of the words
'photography' plus 'togs,' meaning informal clothes,
plus, 'toggery,' meaning a place that sells cloths.
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