Losing It…And Trying To Get It Back

The Big Brush-Off On the day I got my seventh radiation treatment, I first became acquainted with cancer-related fatigue, although I didn’t know it at the time. That was about nineteen months ago. I remember that day vividly. It was a beautiful October morning, brilliantly sunny and gently warm. I was still grappling with breast [...]

The Numbers Game

Against All Odds I am not my breasts. And they are not me. They have only ever occupied a rather modest amount of my body, and I have never identified myself by their presence or absence. I am also not merely a collection of differentiated cells or a repository of biochemicals. Nor am I a [...]

“All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe”

Updated January 20, 2010; links to research articles added. I’ve just been giving myself a crash course in how to read CT scans. Not for the faint of heart, trust me on that, although you get to say mysterious things on your reports, like “there is some minimal linear subpleural opacity…which may be related to…radiation [...]