Geek Dad

It’s In The Genes The very fact that I can sit here, using the technology and software needed to put this post together, encompasses abilities I got from having a geek for a dad. The urge to write comes from my mom, but just about everything else — taking and developing photos, using computers, writing [...]

Okay, Campers. It’s Save The Ta-Ta’s Month.

And I’d like to start it off in true Amazonian style. First, some info about Feel Your Boobies, a campaign to help raise breast cancer awareness among young women, for whom breast cancer is particularly lethal. Then, there’s this video, offered by our Canadian Sistahs to kick off their Ta-Ta Awareness Month. And I guarantee [...]


Monarch Splendor Today, at my favorite local nursery, I had the privilege of traipsing through a small Monarch butterfly pavilion. I never knew such things existed. From mating pairs to adults laying eggs, from caterpillar to chrysalis to glorious new butterfly, each stage in the life of this remarkable creature was on living display, this [...]