“Lay Back, Enjoy The Show…”

Updated at 1:00 p.m. to add a photo at the bottom. First off, turn up the volume on your computer speakers. Then scroll down, find the video & click on play. I’m starting us off with one of our Sistahs, Sheryl Crow, who couldn’t have imagined when she released this album how true it was [...]

Jumping To Conclusions

You know, technically it’s not winter yet. Just thought I’d mention that. And there’s this global warming thing they’ve been talking about in Copenhagen. So, imagine our surprise — and by “our,” I mean most Americans living east of the Mississippi — when we looked out our doors over the last few days to see [...]

We All Need More Cuddling

Life just leaves you speechless sometimes. That’s when you should probably just go with that, and find someone to hug. I’ve gotten lots of hugs in the past week from my wonderful, compassionate, dear, thoughtful colleagues at work. Bless them all. Foxy, my dog, is very snuggly, as you can see. Chloe was, too. A [...]