Why I’m Not Liv Tyler’s Mother

Bell Bottom Blues The main reason I did not manage to become a rock star was because I was just too practical. I blame my parents for this. People think we’re having an epic economic crisis now, but my parents were children during the Great Depression of 1929. There was no Social Security then, no [...]

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Geek Dad

It’s In The Genes The very fact that I can sit here, using the technology and software needed to put this post together, encompasses abilities I got from having a geek for a dad. The urge to write comes from my mom, but just about everything else — taking and developing photos, using computers, writing [...]

“I Wanna Be The One To Walk In The Sun”

Chocolate cake, champagne and whipped cream. Can’t fix everything maybe, but it seemed like a good place to start, especially on New Year’s Day. Because I’m having an awfully hard time accepting the fact that I just spent the whole of last year feeling like crap — in ways that no one warned me about [...]