Emoticons For Survivors

First of all, a little bidness. I owe an overdue thanks to dear Teri for awarding The Accidental Amazon an Honest Scrap Blog Award for 2010. My dear cyber sister Coco gave me this award last year as well. It’s a lovely thing when your sister bloggers think well of your efforts, but it’s even [...]

The Scar Marker

There’s something about anniversaries — births, deaths, weddings, partings. Milestones of joy and of grief. Whether you avoid or embrace them, they mark you like scars, like a permanent alteration in your DNA. And they keep marking you as they cycle around each year, reinterpreting and refining your memory of the original event, sometimes without [...]

Negative Is The New Positive

All right, let me cut right to the chase: my do-over mammogram was negative! Yay! No new funny spots, suspicious areas, or cancer. There is more to the story, but I’m too tired to tell it right now. The last few weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I will just say a massive thank you to [...]