Have A Beautiful & Joyful Holiday

Roadside Winterberry by Kathi Kolb The Hazard Potato Barn by Kathi Kolb Peace. Please click on the post title or the comment link below to post a response.

Jumping To Conclusions

You know, technically it’s not winter yet. Just thought I’d mention that. And there’s this global warming thing they’ve been talking about in Copenhagen. So, imagine our surprise — and by “our,” I mean most Americans living east of the Mississippi — when we looked out our doors over the last few days to see [...]

I’m Feeling The Love

Christmas in September – Winterberry in the Rain Well, good golly, it’s like Christmas around here today. I went to check out my blog mail and found that two of my favorite blog sisters have very kindly named me for blog awards. Gosh, I feel almost like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. But more in [...]