Two Words — Breast Cancer

“I had breast cancer, it didn’t have me.”

My name is Kathi & I am your humble blog Administrator. At work, I’m a home care physical therapist; at play, I’m an artist, a writer, a closet Adobe software maven & an occasional Harry Potter geek. I was informed recently that my tech coolness quotient is about equal to that of a person half my age. You’re reading one of the criteria (my own blog). Plus I have a website, belong to more than one online social network, have won a few blog awards, and have a custom skin on my new cell phone which was made out of an upload of one of my photo collages. I also have a passing acquaintance with at least one computer language. Wow, not bad for an uncool, asymmetrical, post-menopausal Baby Boomer who drives a Saturn (and not a Sky either, which would still be cool).

In May of 2008, I had an annual screening mammogram which showed a suspicious group of granules in my right breast. Those granules were subsequently found to be Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, a form of cancer in the mammary ducts that can turn into full-blown invasive breast cancer if not treated quickly enough. I was treated quickly enough — if you can call amputation, burning & radiation poisoning a treat. If they don’t kill you, then you get to live & the cancer dies. I got to live. That’s where I’m at now. Oh, plus still trying to recover from the side effects, long-term effects and late effects of treatment.

One of the things that helped me get through the big cancer adventure was finding other ‘members of the club.’ One of the other things that helped was to blog about it. I had created some html blog pages on my art website,, which I called “Sketches.” Mostly it was a place to ramble on about making art in my so-called spare time. Oddly enough, the last pre-cancer post on Sketches was around my birthday in April, 2008. In May, everything changed.

I’m not actually very fond of pink, that symbol of breast cancer fund-raising, but I have a new relationship with it now. There’s nothing good about being a cancer patient, but I found out that there’s a way to get through it with some good grace & even humor. And my friends were awesome. I found out that a lot of people care that I’m on the planet, which is a really amazing thing to discover. To read more about the early days of big-adventure-I-could-have-done-without, visit Sketches: The Art of Healing, or read my other pages in this blog, starting with “Shock & Awe” (click on the sidebar link). I’ve brought the Sketches posts over to this blog, and you can find links to them on the sidebar under “How to be an accidental amazon.” I’m also about to add a tab labeled ‘My Story’ which will have the links on a page.

Hope you enjoy the blog. Now that I have lived to tell it, so to speak, I can get back to blogging about everything — art, photography, life on the planet, our new US president, the upcoming 7th Harry Potter movie, the health care system, and, oh yeah, breast cancer. Please feel free to post & to pass on the link.


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