Emoticons For Survivors

This will be a work in progress. It started as a blog post, but I like to think it fills a gap in social communication. And I hope it stimulates a little creativity. So, all you sistahs, survivors, previvors, friends and fans, do send an email to contact@accidentalamazon.com to contribute your own.

My post-prompting blog excursions recently led inexorably to Wikipedia, where I found an illuminating dictionary of emoticons. There I found several versions of the standard turn-sideways-to-read-them facial expressions, such as smiling, laughing and surprise, or :>, 8D and :-O; plus some expressions for things especially pertinent to moi, like skepticism ( : / ) and sarcasm (>_>), which I think can be read sideways or straight-on. There are also some straight-on Asian and Japanese emoticons, like (~_^), which is a wink, and (*_*), which is disapproval. But the ones that really stopped me in my tracks were the emoticons for body parts.

I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to include a penis emoticon in a text message, but I could certainly use a few boobs now and then. (Oh! I made a funny!! ;-D) Quite a number of us could use a boob or two now and then, preferably stick-on ones that would enable us to avoid all that nasty surgery we end up going through. However, I found the Wikipedia list to be lacking in emoticons that would truly reflect our experiences. So, in an effort to redress this grievous oversight, I offer these:

Emoticons for Breast Cancer Surgery & Reconstruction:

  1. ( o )( o ) — basic boobs
  2. ( o Y o ) — basic boobs with cleavage
  3. < - >< - > — basic boobs after a mammogram
  4. ( o )( o#) — basic boobs after a biopsy
  5. ( o ) ___ — post-mastectomy
  6. ( o ) ___ ~ — post-mastectomy with drain
  7. ( o ){—}~ — post-mastectomy with immediate expander insertion and drain
  8. ~___ ___~ — double mastectomy with drains
  9. ( o )(o, — partial mastectomy/lumpectomy
  10. ( o )(@, — partial mastectomy/lumpectomy done through circum-aureolar incision
  11. (o)(o, — partial mastectomy with contralateral breast reduction
  12. (|: /) — Frida Kahlo looking skeptical

Okay, I’ll stop now.