There May Be Whining…

…so, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m going to try to write about fatigue while I’m fatigued, which may be a little like, well……I’m too tired to think of a pithy metaphor. Just so you know, I did not have chemo. Having chemo has practically become synonymous with being treated for cancer. When your [...]

Pink. It’s Complicated.

Nothing is simple in a free-market society. Even causes. Take breast cancer (– please! — to paraphrase an old Henny Youngman joke). The numbers of us who are diagnosed with it are staggering. More of us survive now. But still — one in eight? That’s how many of us womenfolk are likely to develop the [...]

Blind-Sided: Cancer 101 & Informed Consent

The Amazon chick on the left here is Themis, also known as Lady Justice. It appears that, like me, she’s missing most or all of her right breast. She’s also fit and carries a weapon, like any good Amazon. She’s here because I am constantly astonished at how many of us do not know or [...]