Close To Home

Around the time I turned 55 earlier this year, I was finding out that my first six-month post-slash-’n’-burn mammogram appeared to show some possible further breast cancer, for which I was advised to get another diagnostic mammogram as soon as possible. My best birthday present this year, far and away, was being told that this [...]

Papa, They Took My Kodachrome Away!

Okay, as a photographer, I have to mark this occasion, which is the day that Kodak stops selling Kodachrome, that wonderful color film immortalized in song by Paul Simon. Don’t feel sorry for Kodak, though. They are doing all right in the digital age, selling digital cameras & printers & stuff. But this does signal [...]

These Heels Are Made For Walking

I hope you like the new avatar. It’s a composite of a real photo of my legs, plus some catalog photos from an archery supply website. Those are my actual legs, and that is an actual tattoo on the right one, which I got a few weeks ago so that the only tattoos on my [...]