Happy Dance

No need to explain this, is there?? Thanks to my friend Coonie from the Forum for posting this after I got my recent mamm results. Please click on the post title or the comment link below to post a response.

Negative Is The New Positive

All right, let me cut right to the chase: my do-over mammogram was negative! Yay! No new funny spots, suspicious areas, or cancer. There is more to the story, but I’m too tired to tell it right now. The last few weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I will just say a massive thank you to [...]

Once Burned, Twice Shy

Well, they told me my diagnostic mammogram looked all right this morning, but they said that about the mammogram I got back in February and later on, they changed their minds. So, I am cautiously optimistic. But I will not really feel that I can relax until I see the actual written report from the [...]