In The Picture

I positively refuse to say anything serious in this post. I spent a lovely, frivolous evening playing with Photoshop, updating the ‘self-portrait’ I’d concocted last year by pasting on a more current version of my face. This bit of nonsense was unwittingly spurred on by my most recent blog Sistah, Jeanne, who has been writing [...]

Am I Blue?

Manon Brunet sings “Am I Blue?” For me, this year is going out with some extra heartache in the form of finding out that a friend and sistah may be having a recurrence of breast cancer. A diagnostic mammogram found an area of what looks an awful lot like good ol’ ductal carcinoma, in the [...]

I’m Feeling The Love

Christmas in September – Winterberry in the Rain Well, good golly, it’s like Christmas around here today. I went to check out my blog mail and found that two of my favorite blog sisters have very kindly named me for blog awards. Gosh, I feel almost like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. But more in [...]