Standing In The Light

Battling Mutant Pumpkins Next Saturday, on July 24th, it will have been two years since I was told I had breast cancer. It’s a strange sort of anniversary. At its most fundamental, it marks the triumph of life over death, and I’m delighted to be here representing us lifers. On the other hand, it marks [...]


Our Cups Runneth Over? “Diagram of Survival, 2008″ Decidedly, one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done was to return to work full-time a mere six days after I’d finished getting poison death-rays shot at the remains of my right breast. It happened to be October, 2008. Unless you are an extra-terrestrial or haven’t been [...]

Pink. It’s Complicated.

Nothing is simple in a free-market society. Even causes. Take breast cancer (– please! — to paraphrase an old Henny Youngman joke). The numbers of us who are diagnosed with it are staggering. More of us survive now. But still — one in eight? That’s how many of us womenfolk are likely to develop the [...]