“Lay Back, Enjoy The Show…”

Updated at 1:00 p.m. to add a photo at the bottom. First off, turn up the volume on your computer speakers. Then scroll down, find the video & click on play. I’m starting us off with one of our Sistahs, Sheryl Crow, who couldn’t have imagined when she released this album how true it was [...]

Am I Blue?

Manon Brunet sings “Am I Blue?” For me, this year is going out with some extra heartache in the form of finding out that a friend and sistah may be having a recurrence of breast cancer. A diagnostic mammogram found an area of what looks an awful lot like good ol’ ductal carcinoma, in the [...]

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Most of the time, I love my job. It is unbelievably wonderful to get paid to be a good person in the world, to be kind, to sort out problems for people, to help them feel better. It’s really good for the soul, and I often think that I’m getting more out of it than [...]